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“The Pentagon Is Spending Millions on Hunter Drones With Nets”

For a glance at just how important the Fortem DroneHunter® is to the future of defense, check out this article written by Defense One's Patrick Tucker in 2020. In the two years since, our platform has continued to evolve, serving as the keystone of cutting-edge C-UAS solutions around the world. The F700, the latest DroneHunter® model, is now being mobilized overseas to safeguard the liberty of our allies.

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SkyDome System® Components

Three deeply integrated product families comprise the System: TrueView® sensors, DroneHunter® UAVs, and SkyDome® Manager software. Each was engineered from the ground up to solve the problem of dangerous drones.

DroneHunter® F700

DroneHunter® F700

The first truly mission-ready drone interceptor, built entirely for C-UAS. Fast, agile, and focused, driven by highly advanced AI.

Edge Fusion System

Edge Fusion System

Fuses data feeds from distributed sensors and accelerates AI-driven threat assessment to provide real-time airspace awareness.

SkyDome® Manager

SkyDome® Manager

Fully featured command and control (C2) software for all Fortem products as well as other leading C-UAS equipment.

TrueView® C30 Camera System

TrueView® C30 Camera System

Long-range PTZ camera system, integrated to follow prioritized radar tracks and provide visual validation and optical classification.

TrueView® R20 Radar

TrueView® R20 Radar

Compact air / ground AESA radar delivering on the promise of low SWaP. Designed specifically for drone detection and classification.

TrueView® R30 Radar

TrueView® R30 Radar

High-performance, ground-based AESA radar with the power of AI at the Edge. Designed for drone detection and classification.

The SkyDome System®

The SkyDome System® is a proven counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) solution that monitors and protects airspace day or night and in adverse weather conditions. While many C-UAS deployments fail because of components from multiple vendors lacking compatibility and integration, Fortem has pioneered the technology required to build a fully integrated, end-to-end counter-drone solution.

Flexible and portable, the System can be deployed as a permanent installation or as part of a mobile strategy. It is already in use at world-class venues, military bases, airports, and infrastructures around the world.

360 °
3D Radar Detection
Cleanest Assessment
4500 +
Drones Captured
> 85 %
Capture Rate

Solutions for Safer Skies

Whether it's flown by a careless operator or a ferocious terrorist, an unauthorized drone entering restricted airspace poses a serious problem for any organization. Fortem Technologies has the equipment, foresight, and experience to implement highly effective counter-drone solutions thoughtfully tailored to the area needing protection, no matter its size or nature.

We Humbly Accept These Awards

The following awards were given to Fortem Technologies in recognition of our company's noble fight against rogue drones.

The Experts Have Spoken

Fortem's reputation in the defense industry continues to grow, securing confidence and sparking positive commentary from the world's most renowned professionals.

The statements shown here are just some of the things respected experts have to say about our company. Some of these individuals are members of our advisory board, a group of talented minds we proudly collaborate with to devise big ideas.

Reach out to us if you'd like to become a part of the team behind some of the most advanced C-UAS solutions available today.

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Fortem Technologies and Toshiba Announce Strategic Alliance

PLEASANT GROVE & KAWASAKI - March 23, 2021 -- Fortem Technologies, Inc., a leader in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, announced today that Toshiba Infrastructure Systems & Solutions (hereafter Toshiba) has invested $15 million USD in the company and that they have formed a strategic business alliance. The two companies will integrate their highly complementary systems and expand sales around the world. The Fortem SkyDome® System is a highly accurate drone detection solution based on Fortem TrueView® radars that are easy to install and effective in urban environments. Also part of the system, Fortem DroneHunter® is an AI-enabled autonomous drone that can safely capture...

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Being a forerunner of the modern counter-drone industry takes more than inventive thinking. We keep a close eye on current events and trends to ensure that we — and also you — are always prepared to tackle new challenges. Our marketing team publishes several articles each month. Check in periodically to stay in the know about everything that matters.

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