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Detect and Avoid BVLOS

TrueView radar is a key enabling technology for beyond visual line of sight operations, and critical to the future of autonomous package delivery, firefighting, law enforcement, search & rescue, and more.

Fortem Raises $15M in Series A Financing Round

Fortem Technologies partners with Boeing HorizonX and others to advance airspace safety and security

Critical Infrastructure Security

Providing perimeter intrusion alerting, monitoring, and protection.

The FORTEM Advantage

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Fortem TrueView radar has been rigorously tested in harsh environments for proven operability.

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Identify and track altitude, direction, and speed of aerial objects in real-time.

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Regardless of weather conditions, TrueView radar effectively detects and tracks aerial objects.

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Low size, weight, power, and cost enables air-to-air or ground-to-air detection.

Strategic Partners

"The announcement of TrueView R20 technology is an exciting development for safe autonomous operations, allowing UAS to course correct as needed to mitigate risk."

—Jared Essleman - Director, Utah Division of Aeronautics

"We may need to build an entirely new system that will not be dissimilar from the current air traffic control that oversees traditional aircraft. We have partnerships in place and the work is underway...and Fortem is a part of those efforts."

—Paul Wheeler - Lead UAS Coordinator Department of Transportation

"I am very glad we did this second test event. You guys are WAY further ahead than where we were a couple of months ago. This will work well. This is good, this is good, this is good"

—Dan Hague - U.S. Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)

"Once that on-board radar locks onto its target it is rock solid. It looks like the target is taking Hunter for a walk. It’s like walking the dog."

—Marc Owens

FORTEM Products

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TrueView Radar

TrueView is a compact radar solution optimized for both manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as ground-to-air applications.

Dronehunter CUAS Drone Killer


DroneHunter is a fully autonomous counter-UAS solution that detects, classifies, and captures intruder drones within a geo-fenced area.

Fortem SkyDome cuas airspace intrusion detection


SkyDome is an airspace intrusion detection platform that provides intelligent airspace awareness for real-time decision-making.