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Premier Autonomous AI-enabled Interceptor Drone in the World

Airspace Security and Defense 

Our platform combines AI at the Edge software, distributed SWAP-C radar, deep sensor integration and autonomous drone capture to monitor, secure and defend the world’s airspace.

Countering Drone Threats Today

Fortem innovates ahead of escalating drone threats

3,650+ Autonomous DroneHunter® Captures

Zero collateral damage in population centers for DoD/MoD contracts

SkyDome® network protects airspace where large radar and RF fail

Extend security above and beyond fence lines with the Fortem platform

Staying Ahead of the Threat

Fortem is the foremost Counter UAS (C-UAS) thought leader. Our diverse team of engineers, PhDs and service and support professionals bring decades of experience in the security and defense sector. Innovating around tomorrow’s challenges, we provide relevant and timely solutions to our partners and customers.


Strategies for Current and Future Drone Threats

Achieve Total Airspace Situational Awareness

Secure the Airspace Above and Beyond Your Fence Line


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TrueView™ Radar

AI at the Edge for Superior Detection, Tracking and Classification

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The Premier AI-Enabled, Autonomous Drone Interceptor in the World

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Airspace Security and Defense Platform

Custom Built in the USA

Fortem in the News

"Fortem fills a critical void in capability by providing great situational awareness, acquisition and a method to safely capture and remove drone threats, even in populated areas."

—Jim Housinger, Former Chief Operations Planner NATO

"They have complete control over not only capturing the enemy drone, but then taking possession of it."

—Jeff Rossen, Television Journalist, NBC News

“Emerging startups always inspire us in pointing the way forward for where the innovation economy is heading.”

—David Lidsky, Deputy Editor, Fast Company

"Fortem fills a deadly gap with AI-driven threat assessment software and a distributed radar network that can detect and track low flying drone threats, even when they are RF-silent."

—Jim Housinger, Former Chief Operations Planner NATO

"That enemy drone is dangling midair attached to the DroneHunter on that net. That’s amazing!"

—Jeff Rossen, Television Journalist, NBC News

"We may need to build an entirely new system that will not be dissimilar from the current air traffic control that oversees traditional aircraft. We have partnerships in place and the work is underway...and Fortem is a part of those efforts."

—Paul Wheeler, Lead UAS Coordinator, Department of Transportation

"These collaborative efforts support the research and development critical to the safe integration of unmanned systems in the national airspace."

—Major General Marke F. Gibson (Ret), CEO, NUAIR Alliance

"Radar is the foundation for any viable technology used to detect and track drones in our airspace. It's the key to seeing all objects in the sky and cueing other complimentary sensors such as EO/IR, thermal, and drone mitigation solutions."

—Yousuf Malik, Principal Consultant, Defence IQ

"The announcement of TrueView R20 technology is an exciting development for safe autonomous operations, allowing UAS to course correct as needed to mitigate risk."

—Jared Esselman, Director of Aeronautics, State of Utah

"Once that on-board radar locks onto its target it is rock solid. It looks like the target is taking Hunter for a walk. It’s like walking the dog."

—Marc Owens U.S. Air Force Research Labs (AFRL)

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DroneHunter Captures Explosive Drones for The Today Show


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Top 10 Unmanned Security Solution – 2019

future security awards

Fortem Technologies Wins “Innovative Security Product of the Year” From Future Security Awards 2019

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Fortem Technologies Wins Security Today Award

tech tribune award 2019

Fortem Technologies Named to The Tech Tribune’s 2019 Best Tech Startups in Pleasant Grove, Utah

AUVSI xcellence award 2019

Winners Named for Second Annual AUVSI XCELLENCE Awards

fast company most innovative

Fortem Technologies Named to Fast Company’s World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2019


Winner: Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Excellence in Technical Innovation Award

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Fortem Technologies Launches Portable SkyDome For Airspace Awareness, Safety and Security

AUVSI 2018


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