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Swift Launches

From the moment a launch command is received, it takes mere seconds for a stored DroneHunter® to get in the air.

Battery Tender

The DroneHangar’s built-in trickle charger keeps DroneHunter® batteries fully juiced and ready for action.

Tough, Weatherproof Exterior

The hardened, sealed exterior is able to withstand any outdoor conditions. It keeps out wind, moisture, dust, and grit.

Built-In Storage Lockers

Use the built-in storage lockers to keep spare nitrogen canisters and NetHeads on hand for the next sortie.

Climate-Controlled Interior

DroneHunter® units are protected from temperature extremes by active cooling and heating.

Variable Placement

The DroneHangar can be placed on the ground or on rooftops. A vehicle-mounted variant is also available.

Comprehensive Management

Operators can monitor the internal temperature of the DroneHangar and its door state, as well as the DroneHunter’s® connection and charging status, in SkyDome® Manager.

Easy Return

Once the DroneHunter® completes its mission, returning it to its DroneHangar is simple. At most, even if both NetHeads need reloading, the process takes less than 3 minutes.

24/7 DroneHunter® Readiness

Fixed SkyDome System® installations often employ several DroneHunter® interceptors spread out across a landscape. In these cases, each unit must be able to activate remotely, without human aid, at a moment’s notice. The DroneHangar fulfills this need, ensuring DroneHunter® units remain in flying condition while keeping them charged and ready for takeoff.

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