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Unified World View

Input from radars, cameras, and RF sensors is aggregated into a detailed and comprehensive world view.

Focus On Priorities

Powerful AI filtering narrows the focus to tracked objects that really matter, ensuring minimal time is wasted on distractions.

ThreatAware™ Risk Assessment

An AI risk assessment engine evaluates threats, assigns threat levels, and escalates responses in real time.

Autonomous or In The Loop

Require human-in-the-loop authorization or enable totally autonomous responses ranging from notices to full mitigation.

DroneHunter® Management

Users direct mission controls of DroneHunters®, aided by live video feeds, and manage DroneHangar operations.

Gather Evidence

View historical tracks with their flight patterns and correlated video to assess threat behavior and prepare evidence.

Easy to Use

SkyDome® Manager is powerful and intuitive, enabling organizations to use it with minimal training.

Extensive API Framework

A comprehensive API is available to facilitate bi-directional integration of Fortem products with other C2 systems.

Groundbreaking C2 Server, Client, and API

SkyDome Manager is purpose-built airspace monitoring and counter-UAS command and control software. It directly empowers security personnel with 3D airspace awareness, delivering detection, tracking, and mitigation of drone threats.

The software functions as an end-to-end sensor correlation platform integrating radar, long-range cameras, RF sensors, and drone mitigation systems. It can also be configured to add Fortem’s industry-leading sensors or mitigation systems to third-party C2 systems — such as Northrop Grumman’s FAAD C2 — through its rich API.

The ThreatAware™ Risk Assessment Engine

Even when the presence of a drone is certain, more intel is needed to take appropriate action. What type of drone is it? How is the drone behaving? Is it advancing? If so, how quickly? Is it carrying something? Without knowing more, it’s hard to make the important judgments that can ultimately save the day or waste resources.

SkyDome® Manager incorporates all tracked objects into its ThreatAware™ risk assessment using classification to identify probable drone threats, evaluating the capacity of the drone to carry a payload, and evaluating intention, based on distance, directionality, and the speed the drone is closing in on protected areas. The decided threat level is then used to trigger a pre-configured, automated response.

Automated Responses

A highly configurable automation engine allows for instantaneous and proper responses to inbound threats. It includes the ability to define zones and trigger responses based on a tracked object’s interactions with them (entering, leaving, and approaching zones, etc.). The engine also supports advanced conditions that narrow responses to only apply to precisely defined criteria.

For example, creating a zone that acts as an early warning but only triggering it when the object has been classified as a drone, the size of the object is over a given RCS, and it is traveling over a given speed.

Custom Rules

Custom rules can be applied which use simple or highly conditional criteria and intelligently trigger multiple simultaneous actions.

Actions can include notifications and key DroneHunter controls such as sending the DroneHunter in Pursue, Attack, Defend, or Auto-capture mode, as well as the time allowed for operator confirmation. Further, SkyDome Manager can directly export track API values to external systems in this same automated way.

Tight Integration with TrueView® Sensor Products

Fortem TrueView® radars and camera systems represent the pinnacle of modern drone detection implements. SkyDome® Manager allows operators to get the very most out of R20s, R30s, and C30s.

Superior Urban Detection

With a radar that can effectively perform in cluttered environments SkyDome Manager then takes the many tracked targets and filters out those that are not of interest. With 3D exclusion zones busy roads, foot traffic, and other common objects can quickly be removed.

SkyDome Manager then further narrows tracks based on size, speed, and altitude. Using the built in Object Classification (Drone, Not Drone, etc.) and additional threat assessments (proximity, direction and closing speed) lets organizations choose precisely what is of priority interest.

Long-range visual validation

SkyDome Manager incorporates long range visual validation with radar-guided and optically-guided camera tracking of prioritized tracks. This allows organizations to visually confirm if the tracked target is perceived to be a threat before allowing the autonomous DroneHunter to pursue and mitigate it.

Further, it collects video evidence which is automatically correlated with the associated track history of the target.

Ultimate DroneHunter® UAV Control

Fortem’s DroneHunter® UAVs are the world’s leading low-collateral drone defeat devices, and SkyDome® Manager gives operators a higher degree of control over them than any other C2 system. It also controls DroneHangars, which help ensure DroneHunters’ 24-hour, 365-day readiness.

Enhanced Safety and Mission Control with Easy Operator Interface

SkyDome Manager gives oversight over automated actions by the system as well as empowers operators to directly control mission behavior of the DroneHunter. SkyDome operators can directly select validated targets and send the DroneHunter on a Pursue mission to either collect additional evidence or to warn off low threat violators.

DroneHunter’s camera can view higher details of offending drones, such as if they are carrying packages or if an operator can be seen nearby, and display that video directly on the map page alongside DroneHunter telemetry and other drone mission controls in SkyDome Manager.

To facilitate warning off nuisance drones, operators can turn on and off both warning lights and/or the DroneHunter siren. When operators or drone threats are not being tracked by ground radar, DroneHunter can also be sent in a Go-To Location Mode where it flies to a given location and then begins a search pattern with its own radar to identify trackable objects in the area.

For higher threats, SkyDome Manager can send DroneHunter on Attack, Defend, or Auto-Capture missions. Operators can view DroneHunter telemetry details, battery levels, and directly control the release of captured drones or let the system autonomously drop them off at predefined drop zones. For added safety, operators can stop a pursuit at any time as well as recall the DroneHunter.

Advanced DroneHangar Management

Operators can monitor the temperature of the DroneHangar and its door state, as well as the DroneHunter connection and charging status.

DroneHangar doors automatically open when DroneHunter is launched, and remain open after launch, allowing users to reload nets and canisters on DroneHunter after missions before placing the DroneHunter back in the protected hangar. Operators can then manually close the DroneHangar doors or do so via SkyDome Manager.

Detailed Health Diagnostics and Flight Log

SkyDome Manager includes a detailed system diagnostics that displays health of the DroneHunter, as well as validates that critical configuration steps have occured (flight ceiling rules, drop zones, etc.). It also retains key details in standard logs and collects flight log details for post mission review.

Extensive API Integration Framework

SkyDome Manager is able to act as an independent command and control (C2) system or work as a sub-system to an organization’s existing C2 system. It has been integrated with the Forward Area Air Defense Command and Control System (FAAD C2) used by the U.S. Army as well as with C2 systems of major defense contractors and other partners.

SkyDome Manager provides a REST API, realtime API and track-only API to facilitate bi-directional integration with over a hundred fields or commands.

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