SkyDome® Manager

Detect and Defeat Dangerous Drones

Autonomous 3D Airspace Monitoring

SkyDome® Manager is adaptable AI software that fuses TrueView® radar and other sensor inputs to autonomously monitor any environment in 3D. The software operates autonomously and in real time providing smart, fast reaction to inbound threats. By detecting and assessing airborne threats, SkyDome Manager anticipates vulnerabilities and can alert personnel or launch DroneHunter® to neutralize dangerous or malicious drones. This product is export-controlled under the US EAR and can be shipped to many countries worldwide.

SkyDome Manager GUI Image

Maps to Existing Security CONOPS



Works day and night and in adverse weather conditions, protecting airspace 24/7/365, ensuring that you are always protected, even when personnel cannot observe the threat manually. Digitize, map, and subdivide airspace with customizable impact zones (fly and no-fly zones, corridors, and geofences). These zones can be leveraged for threat assessment, rules, and alerts, providing intelligence tailored to the specific environment. The smart, graphical user interface visualizes data from multiple sensors and pulls it into a simple, integrated view for ease of operation. Detects and tracks intruding objects, including waypoint-directed non-RF emitting drones, which are undetectable with RF sensors.


Threat Assessment

Intuitive, real time threat assessment level and classification delivers intelligent, accurate threat analysis, reducing the need for manual evaluation of all objects in the airspace (force multiplier), and providing early warning of actual threats. Flexible API Integration with commercial security or state and federal command and control (C2) systems allows for subscription to those systems and the ability to feed SkyDome Manager data directly into those systems. These APIs allow SkyDome Manager to deliver data to cue other systems such as PTZ and thermal cameras or counter measures. The result is complete situational awareness and control through a unified system for faster threat response times. SkyDome Manager accepts other sensors like RF or other radars, supplementing sensor data from existing radar and PTZ cameras, providing longer range and operator location detection. These extra sensor layers help expose then validate the threat, allowing for the best mitigation of the threat.


Integrated Response

Cues DroneHunter, RF Jammers, or other solutions for quick mitigation, saving time, and preventing the threat from reaching its intended target. Coordinates air-to-air and ground-to-air radar for continuity of drone tracking, so DroneHunter can function autonomously to track and pursue threats. Rules can be configured to trigger events, notifications, alerts, with third party integration for faster response times. Flexible, customizable rules according to unique operational guidelines based off of: ThreatAware, sensor, and 3rd party data; processes and protocols (governmental and security regulation guidelines, rules of engagement, escalation of force, and physical security plans); customized zones, corridors, and geofences. Configures, optimizes, and monitors the health of networked TrueView radar, DroneHunters, and DroneHangars from a central location, reducing the need for manual inspection, increasing operational efficiency.


Analytics & Reporting

All track and sensor data is saved long term for analysis and review with easy access to historical data for pattern of life, and drone activity trends over time. Gather drone forensic evidence for investigative teams, required security recovery and reporting processes, and to law enforcement for follow up.

Are you looking for a solution to elevate your security above and beyond the fence line? 

Fortem Technologies has the industry-leading, deeply-integrated C-UAS solution, which is deployed at world class venues, military bases, airports and infrastructures around the world.


SkyDome Manager networks TrueView SWAP-C radar in varying terrains, population centers and in challenging topography where existing larger radar and RF-based systems fail. SkyDome digitizes these vulnerable gaps so that every object from the ground up can be detected, tracked, classified and assigned a threat level, creating either an independent end-to-end or integrated situational awareness solution.

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Detecting and Defeating Dangerous Drones