Price And Delivery

Please confirm price and delivery. Fortem Technologies must be notified immediately if this order is delayed and the due at dock date cannot be achieved.

Quality Management System

Implement a quality management system (i.e., ISO, AS, Quality Manual, etc.)

Obsolete And EOL Components

Supplier/vendor agrees to notify Fortem Technologies of EOL 6 months in advance for any product that has been procured through the supplier/vendor in the past. This EOL notice shall be accompanied with the option of a LTB (last time buy) unless agreed on between the involved parties. This includes parts and products that are manufactured, distributed, or resold through the supplier/vendor.


For all supplied line items, Fortem Technologies requires documentation that enables material/product lot/batch traceability, including traceability to any applicable tests, specifications, sources and certifications identified on the purchase order. Certificate of conformance is required for all raw materials and special processes or other deliverables when required by Fortem Technologies.

Purchase Order Requirements

Supplier/vendor agrees to comply with all purchase order requirements that may include (1) the control and monitoring of any special requirements, critical items or key characteristics, (2) implementation of any test, inspection or verification activities, and (3) the use of specific, identified supplier/vendors or approved sources of products and services. Before accepting this purchase order, Supplier/vendor agrees to notify Fortem Technologies if the Supplier/vendor intends to use statistical techniques for product acceptance purposes.

Nonconforming Parts

Any product known to be nonconforming prior to shipment, including counterfeit product, shall not be delivered to Fortem Technologies without written approval. In addition, Supplier/vendor must notify Fortem Technologies if any nonconformities were detected after shipment and potential nonconforming product was returned to Fortem Technologies as a result. Supplier/vendor performance will be monitored through Fortem Technologies Non conforming Material Reports.

Vendor Personnel

Vendors must ensure that vendor personnel are aware of:

  • How to prevent the use of counterfeit parts
  • Their contribution to product or service conformity
  • Their contribution to product safety
  • The importance of ethical behavior


All items must be packaged to prevent damage during shipment (e.g., ensure no scrapes, dents, or other damage). Any ESD or environmentally sensitive material (e.g., temperature, moisture, dust, etc.) must be packaged to ensure the product will not encounter any damage during transit and storage of the product. Any product that is damaged during shipment due to the quality or method of packaging shall be the liability of the supplier/vendor and shall be replaced by the supplier/vendor to Fortem Technologies.

External Processing

Any work that is outsourced to a sub-tier supplier/vendor must be given all requirements in this Purchase Order including any attachments.


Supplier/vendor agrees to retain for a minimum of 10 year all documentation, quality inspection, test results, and all other records relevant to the process applied. After 10 years has passed, supplier is to reach out to Fortem to confirm how documents should be disposed.

Process Changes

Supplier/vendor agrees to notify Fortem Technologies of changes to processes, products and services, including changes in the location of manufacture that may affect product quality. Supplier/vendor agrees to notify Fortem Technologies of such changes before the changes are implemented or before they could affect products and services identified on the purchase order.

Right Of Access

Fortem Technologies requires the right of access by Fortem Technologies personnel, our customer, and any applicable regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of your facilities and to applicable documented information, relative to work being performed for Fortem Technologies or its customer, at any level of the supply chain applicable to the products being sent to Fortem Technologies.

Modification And Cancellation

Fortem Technologies reserves the right to modify or cancel all or part of this order unless a predetermined NCMR (Non-Cancellable, Non-Returnable) agreement is in place between the involved parties. Delays to the originally agreed schedule will result in the NCNR agreement becoming null and void. Delivery of nonconforming material will also result in the NCNR agreement becoming null and void.

Accordance With Laws

Supplier/Vendor must manufacture the products in accordance with all laws, including, without limitation, any applicable tariffs, customs rules and/or regulations.

Consideration Of Ecosystems

Supplier/Vendor must manufacture the products in accordance with local and global laws, regulations, and standards regarding the impact on the global ecosystems. This includes but is not limited to used chemical disposition, chemical controls, water/energy management, and pollution outputs.