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Ready for Sensor Integration

TrueView® cameras are designed specifically for the SkyDome System®. Full integration with TrueView® radars and SkyDome® Manager Command and Control software.

Concentrate on Threats

Thanks to ThreatAware™ assessments and smart filtering provided by SkyDome® Manager, the C30 can ignore distractions and concentrate on tracked objects posing the highest risk.

Radar-Driven Cueing

3D detection and tracking from paired TrueView® radars enable automated cueing to follow targets effectively.

Radar-Driven Zoom & Focus

While other cameras struggle to focus on drones, the C30 adjusts focus and zoom based on radar-determined distance.

Long Distance

Drones are recognizable at distances up to 2 km (1.25 mi) away, which facilitates early and confident threat responses.

Thermal Vision

The TrueView® C30’s infrared sensor allows it to see objects and track movement in the dead of night.

Reliable in Rain

The TrueView® C30 camera system is IP66 water-resistant and has a built-in wiper for unobstructed monitoring.

Military-Grade Construction

Tough outer casings and hardened lens covers make TrueView® cameras ready for punishment in the field.

See Invading Drones in Clear Detail

The Fortem TrueView C30 Camera System offers extended daytime and nighttime surveillance performance integrated into a rugged IP66 weatherproof housing constructed of strengthened aluminum. The camera can withstand some of the harshest climates, making it ideal for perimeter security, homeland defense, and coastal protection.

Long-Range, Military-Grade Optics

The optical camera is designed to allow long range day time detection and recognition of drones, people or vehicles to allow differentiation between drones and birds, as well as recognition of which people and vehicles are being tracked by the radar.

State-of-the-art CMOS sensors

It utilizes the Sony progressive scan CMOS sensors which offer excellent spectral sensitivity for both visible and NIR wavelengths. The optical zoom camera utilizes the visible and near-infrared bands of light to provide high-quality images optimized for long-range surveillance. It is designed to provide industry-leading performance and quality.

Cuts through fog

This camera is equipped with a NIR bandpass filter (also referred to as a “fog filter”) to allow users to isolate the NIR (near-infrared) wavelength of light during the day for clearer long-range daytime imaging. Long-range imaging needs to see through large amounts of atmosphere which often contains particulates like smoke, haze/fog, and other atmospheric distortions.

Cutting out the visible wavelength and isolating the NIR can mitigate the effects of smoke, haze and light fog, producing an image with better contrast and less distortion. The Optical Fog Filter lenses incorporate a motorized filter that is used with the camera’s monochrome mode and de-haze image processing to see through smoke, smog and haze.

Thermal Sensor Grants Sight Beyond Sight

The thermal camera is designed to allow long range night time detection of drones, people or vehicles to allow flight behavior determination, or to track movement of people and vehicles.

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