Source : Fortem Technologies
Date : 2021-05-19 00:00 MDT
City : Pleasant Grove
Media Contact : Warren Brown
VP of Marketing
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Top Drone Expert and Former US Marine Corps LtCol, Wayne Phelps Joins Fortem Technologies to Head Federal Business Development

Phelps brings 23 years of military drone and counter-drone expertise and is the author of the upcoming book: “On Killing Remotely,” the psychology of killing with drones

PLEASANT GROVE - May 19, 2021 -- 

Fortem Technologies, a leader in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, today announced Wayne Phelps as Director of Federal Business Development. Phelps will help Fortem expand and evolve its work with government agencies and military organizations around the world, and support the company’s efforts to impact drone and security-related legislation.

“I chose Fortem Technologies amongst a sea of competitors because they have the most mature and effective solution to counter the constantly evolving drone threat. Only Fortem has introduced an end to end system that works in both high-stakes military contingency environments as well as in urban areas overseas and at home where civilians are exposed,” said Wayne Phelps, Director of Federal Business Development at Fortem Technologies. “As government and military leaders begin to recognize the severity and complexity of the threat, I am honored to join a team that is a proven industry leader and has brought hardened solutions to market.”

“As inexpensive drones continue to proliferate, our military service members are confronted by small, terrorist-operated, low-flying drones that can easily penetrate forward bases and go undetected by traditional military defenses,” said Timothy Bean, CEO of Fortem Technologies. “As a veteran and leader in the US military, Wayne Phelps brings a firsthand understanding of what it is like to face these threats, and the critical decisions required by our government to deploy systems that can protect the warfighter and defend our assets against terrorist drones.”

Phelps served as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps with five deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2001 and 2012. His military career coincided with the escalating use of drones as weapons, and in the two years prior to his retirement in 2018, he served as the commanding officer of an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) squadron active abroad in fighting violent extremist organizations. Phelps has 23 years of experience coaching teams in complex environments.

Phelps is also the author of the upcoming book, “On Killing Remotely,” which examines the military units operating armed drones on remote battlefields around the world. “On Killing Remotely” will be available for sale at bookstores everywhere on June 8, 2021.

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Fortem Technologies is the leader in airspace awareness, security, and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones. Through an advanced, end to end system of distributed radar, AI at the Edge, deep sensor integration, and autonomous drone capture, Fortem monitors and defends the world’s venues, infrastructures, cities, and regions. The same system is accelerating the safety of the world’s airspace for urban air mobility. Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the company is privately held and backed by Toshiba, Boeing, DCVC, Mubadala Investment Company, Signia Venture Partners and others.