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UAS Integration Pilot Program

The Trump administration recently announced the launch of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Pilot Program which will accelerate the safe integration of UAS into the national airspace. Fortem Technologies is actively engaged with Lead Pilot Partners and other interested parties in working to further this initiative.

Partnering with Fortem

Fortem Technologies is actively engaged with Lead Pilot Partners and other interested parties in working to further this initiative. Fortem SkyDome and TrueView satisfy key selection criteria by putting safety and safety data at the forefront while meeting the following DOT goals:

  • BVLOS operations with continuous real-time airspace data. Fortem SkyDome and TrueView make detect and avoid a reality with timely alerts and notifications to UAS operators.
  • Communication to UAS operators of regulation violations. Fortem SkyDome gathers airspace data for UAS risk analysis and facilitating enforcement.
  • Public benefit of airspace monitoring and enforcement with an innovative and scalable UAS integration technology. Fortem SkyDome provides a public benefit by improving safety and enabling BVLOS operations.
  • Measure Effectiveness. Fortem SkyDome collects data for analyzing and identifying the effectiveness of UAS integration and associated regulation.


Innovative, AI-enabled, Award-winning

Fortem Solutions


TrueView - The Most Compact, Long Range, Detect-and-Avoid Solution for Safe Drone Operations

Using AI-enabled algorithms, TrueView provides accurate real-time situational intelligence and awareness for safe autonomous unmanned aircraft operations. Fortem TrueView R20 weighs 1.5 lbs. and is a breakthrough technology, due to its small form factor, weight, power requirements and low cost.

Fortem’s Radar technology has been hardened over the past six years through rigorous testing with the US Department of Defense. TrueView extends this technology to detect potential air to air collisions and enables unmanned aircraft to safely navigate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) day or night and in clouds, fog, smog and in other challenging weather conditions.

TrueView Front
TrueView Back

DroneHunter - Safe Mitigation in All Environments

DroneHunter™ is the world’s first UAS perimeter intrusion detection and protection solution. DroneHunter uses AI-enabled algorithms and software to provide detection, monitoring and autonomous capture of rogue drones and UAS. Once captured, DroneHunter can be instructed to tether and return or to safely discard the captured drone at a safe zone or bomb-disposal container.

DroneHunter™ notifies all authorized personnel of potential aerial threats in real-time. The command ground station provides monitoring and manual intervention override options as needed to meet situational requirements.


SkyDome - Real-time UAS Intrusion Detection Solutions

SkyDome utilizes TrueView’s AI-enabled detection and classification technology to provide a complete view of local airspace.

Fortem’s SkyDome platform of AI-enabled airspace surveillance services offers an intrusion detection solution that can detect, classify, monitor and if necessary, provide physical remediation of malicious or uncooperative drones. SkyDome is a military proven solution, able to monitor and secure day or night, and in all weather conditions.

critical Infrastructure perimeter Security cuas

Security for Special Events and Fixed Sites

The ubiquity of drone operations adds new challenges and complexity to protection and security service requirements. The first step in enforcement is detecting a regulatory violation. SkyDome brings effective airspace surveillance and regulation enforcement capabilities to concerts, football games, VIP visits, parades, races, special events, and fixed site critical infrastructure. Events bring revenue, and drone enforcement is an increasingly important aspect of hosting events. Notifications of UAS flying at unlawful altitude, time, or location are immediate and precise. Combining SkyDome with Fortem DroneHunter™, a counter-UAS solution adds another layer of physical protection for enhanced public safety and security.

BVLOS Operations

A key limitation to UAS proliferation is the regulatory restriction to operate UAS beyond visual line of site (BVLOS). For safety reasons, current FAA Part 107 regulations require the UAS operator to always maintain visual line of site. The operator is responsible to ensure their UAS does not collide with other aircraft or aerial objects. Fortem's TrueView radar platform satisfies requirements to ‘Detect and Avoid’ other aerial vehicles by monitoring the surrounding area and corridors for all aircraft. With TrueView, UAS operators can perform BVLOS tasks such as delivery and inspection, expanding the use cases for UAS, and igniting new business models for UAS operators.

Emergency Response, Search and Rescue, Firefighting

Aircraft are essential to many aspects of emergency response. To operate manned and unmanned aircraft safely, a complete picture of airspace activity is required. Fortem TrueView provides a complete picture of airspace activity, thereby provisioning emergency response teams with data and information they need to safely perform their required operations. Fortem's TrueView solution is simple, quick to deploy, and can be customized to meet any use-case requirement providing immediate awareness of airspace intrusion by careless, clueless, or criminal UAS operators.

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