Portable Event
Airspace Security

Powered by Fortem SkyDomeTM

Wireless Situational Awareness, Safety and Security

Ground and Airspace Awareness

for security professionals in live event situations

Aerial Threats

identified and pursued and mitigated as they enter your defense perimeter

Fortified Security

with expanded coverage area and real-time notifications


Powered by the robust, scalable SkyDome  platform


• Extend reach and effectiveness of your security plan

• Detect, observe, pursue, and mitigate threats
from a secure location

• Identify exact location, speed, direction and
altitude of ground or airborne threats from long distance

SkyDome GUI Image
SkyDome GUI Tracking Image

• Enable rapid response with early warning of
potential threats via audible notification, text or email messages

• Confirm unauthorized ground and drone activity hotspots with real-time data


• Military hardened, portable, wireless system that
weighs less than 15 lbs

• Quickly set up and operate in less than three
minutes without any radar expertise

• Intuitive interface that detects and tracks all
objects (people, drones, planes, vehicles, etc.),
minimizing false positive and user error

• Precision tracking day or night and in all weather

• Mount on a tripod, vehicle roof, truck bed or

• 10-hour battery life with multi-battery capability

Tripod Mount Image

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Tripod Height

Extendable between 5’ (1.5 m) and 8’ (2.4 m)

Fortem TrueView™ R20 Radar

Field of View: 120° elevation x 40° azimuth -40° to +122°F

Operating Temperature

-40° to +122°F (-40°C to 55°C)


Ruggedized mobile or fixed

Battery Life

10+ hours



Setup Time

Less than 3 minutes


Mount Options

Tripod, Bed, hitch, roof rack


Cigarette lighter or battery

Fortem DroneHunter

Pursues, intimidates, streams video of and captures drones