Portable Airspace Security Solutions

With the advent of high tech weapons, drone technology and sophisticated criminal activity, it has become more and more difficult to guarantee the public’s safety and security. Of equal and paramount importance, it has also become difficult to protect the lives of our officers, agents and firefighters.

Groundbreaking, military-hardened solutions from Fortem Technologies have made it possible to provide public safety and security with significantly increased situational awareness and personal safety.


  • Fortem SkyDomeTM technology establishes situational awareness for any defined area, event, crime scene, or perimeter using multi-sensor fusion and easy to use software.
  • Boundaries and zones can be created to provide automated alerts, texts, emails, when an intruder enters the zone.
  • Rules can be applied to automatically launch a Fortem DroneHunterTM for additional observation, monitoring, pursuit and capture
  • DroneHunter allows officers and agents to operate from a safe distance.
  • DroneHunter can pursue and record any drone regardless of its navigation system (waypoint, INS, GPS, remote controlled, etc.). Drones are tracked, pursued and recorded while forensic evidence and criminal file content is collected and compiled for analysis.
  • DroneHunter can pursue and capture careless or criminal drones and tow them away from populated and sensitive areas.
  • Easy to use with quick setup and take down

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