Estate and Business Air Surveillance

Powered by Fortem SkyDomeTM

Total Air and Ground Awareness, Safety and Security

Protect Your Privacy

with the same technology that is threatening it

Tighter Security

against careless, clueless, criminal and paparazzi drones


pursuit and surveillance of drones that invade your privacy or threaten employees and family

Remote Defense

against aerial intruders from a secure location


• Secure your property against unwanted or hazardous drones that pose a threat against your family’s privacy and security

• Receive notifications on your mobile device when your airspace is violated

• Automatically notify local law enforcement when there is an intrusion

SkyDome Estate GUI Image
SkyDome GUI Estate Tracking Image

• Your SkyDome platform can launch an autonomous DroneScout to intimidate, video and gather intelligence about any unauthorized drone flying around your property

• Advanced security packages can include a DroneHunter that can shoot down annoying and threatening drones with a Raptor NetGun


• Durable, portable, wireless platform

• Smallest, most powerful system on the market

• Intuitive interface that displays objects such as people, drones, planes, vehicles, etc.

• Choose autonomous actions such as real-time notifications, 3rd party alerts and drone pursuit or capture, based on rules defined by the estate or property owner

• Works day or night and in all weather conditions

Mounted Radar Image

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SkyDome Platform

Real-time situational awareness with comprehensive field of view power notifications engine

Temperature Rating

-40° to +122°F (-40°C to 55°C)


Tablet, laptop, desktop and mobile device

Mount Options

Roof, wall, pole


Standard wall outlet


Fortem DroneScout

Pursues, intimidates and videos unauthorized objects in airspace

Fortem DroneHunter

Pursues and captures objects in airpace