Video and Imaging

Video and Imaging with Safe BVLOS Operations

High resolution and 4K video cameras have become standard equipment for hobbyist drones at a wide range of price points. With their ability to capture video across large spatial areas within a short period of time, drones offer a compelling solution for gathering images and video for inspection and surveillance. Cost savings, depth and clarity of the image as well as speed and accuracy of capturing video is revolutionizing the ways companies provide inspection and surveillance services.

Use cases include:

  1. Mapping or surveying large chunks of land, taking photos and video in coordination with GPS
  2. Continuous monitoring of crops or livestock for issues with irrigation and disease, with a breadth and depth not possible via ground-level checks
  3. Safely and efficiently inspecting solar plant panels, windmills, oil & gas refineries, power lines, and nuclear power plants
  4. Collecting real-time footage for journalism/news reporting
  5. Providing exciting new vantage points and video capabilities in cinematography
  6. Putting high-tech video and imaging capabilities in the hands of event photographers capturing weddings, games, and concerts

Fortem will provide the necessary technology to take these pursuits higher and further. Our goal is to enable these exciting new opportunities in order to improve our lives and make the world a better place.