Manned and Unmanned Air Taxi Service

The future of air taxis service is closer to reality than ever before, with air taxis services projected to begin in the near future. Air taxis promise to speed travel, help avoid delays in traffic-congested metropolitan areas and promise the ability to travel more easily to remote destinations regardless of ground access availability. These new systems are cleaner and more efficient, and will reduce emissions and noise pollution over time.

The FAA and NASA are collaborating on safety issues, requirements and testing with the Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Pilot Program (UASIPP). These requirements are a critical step to enabling unmanned air taxis.

Fortem is participating in this new UASIPP initiative, with SkyDome and TrueView radar helping to accelerate the adoption of air taxi services by satisfying FAA requirements. Air and flight corridors of the future will optimize the benefits of this digitized airspace while minimizing the impact of current air traffic challenges. Fortem is working with the UAS-IPP to accelerate the creation of safe, secure flight corridors to enable quick, safe air transportation and greater mobility.

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