Detect and Avoid for BVLOS

Airspace Awareness and Security for BVLOS

An autonomous drone revolution is underway to tap the economic potential of the vast and largely empty airspace overhead. Like the advent of the train, automobile, and airplane, this will change the way we live and give birth to new business and unleash powerful economic growth.

Drones are already an indispensable part of the daily work flow in many industries, but emerging UAV capabilities require safe beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) services to be economically viable.

The Problem

the FAA has implemented an important regulatory condition that requires UAS aircraft to be instrumented with detected and avoid sensors for beyond visual line of site (BVLOS) operations.

This government regulatory requirement helps to ensure safety with current FAA Part 107 pilots by requiring drone operators to maintain visual line of sight at all times.

Under Part 107, the operator is responsible for ensuring that their UAS does not collide with other aircraft or aerial objects.

Drone Camera Image

The Solution

Fortem's TrueView radar platform provisions surrounding airspace and flight corridors.

With TrueView, UAS operators can perform BVLOS tasks while expanding the business model and use cases for UAS operators.

TrueView Radar Image
Fortem SkyDome cuas airspace intrusion detection

Fortem SkyDome and TrueView satisfy regulatory detect and avoid requirements and make BVLOS operations a reality by providing real-time alerting, notification, and monitoring.


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