Prison Perimeter Security

Monitoring and Securing Prison Airspace

Correctional facilities and prisons require hardened ground and airspace perimeter security solutions, to keep people (and things) from entering or leaving the property. Security requirements include alerting, monitoring and protection against drones and other UAS that are capable of transporting dangerous items into prisons. Civilian drones are inexpensive, easy to operate and represent a new threat to prisons for smuggling to items to inmates. Currently, there is no regulatory governance preventing drones from flying near penitentiaries and correctional facilities.

Prisons around the world are under increased attack by drone operators delivering money, drugs, guns, and other contraband over prison walls. These deliveries can occur on a nightly basis. Drones have also been recorded hovering around prison walls, surveilling escape routes for prison inmates. Drones can move quickly, hover, and make evasive maneuvers to avoid detection. Drones are controlled by operators who easily stay hidden and out of reach from prison officials.

Fortem TrueViewTM radar can alert prison security of approaching UAV activity up to 1,000 meters away, allowing security personnel to take appropriate mitigation or remediation action as needed. Fortem Ground Control will allow security to observe the situation to see who from within the prison receives the contraband, or to secure the situation thru several counter-measure options. When an intruder is detected, Fortem DroneHunterTM can engage autonomously via AI-directed detection, tracking, guidance, and pursuit. Once the rogue drone is identified and the threat level is analyzed (classified), DroneHunter will safely remediate the threat.

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