Airport Surveillance & Security

Securing airports and restricted airspace is becoming increasingly difficult as the number of drone hobbyist pilots increase and take to the skies. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reports that drone sightings near and around airports are experiencing an increase in drone activity and UAS sightings.

Drones flying in restricted airspace can cause major disruption to flight operations and cost airlines, airports, and passengers millions of dollars in lost revenue. The potential risk of physical harm these UAS can cause to airliners and passengers is immeasurable. Aircraft engines are susceptible to drone ingestion and engine failure.

Radar technology has been used by airports, and military for more than 50-years and provides superior capabilities compared to other technologies. However,  traditional airport radar and surveillance systems cannot detect small and low-flying drones and UAS. New technologies are needed to provision airports and surrounding areas to detect, alert, and provide security personnel early warning notification of imposing threats from cooperative and non-cooperative UAS.

Fortem’s TrueView R20 and Fortems SkyDome technology platform will detect careless or criminal drone activity in no-fly zones or restricted airspace. SkyDome is an airspace intrusion detection security as a service (SaaS), providing airports and critical infrastructure, intelligent awareness. Fortem’s SkyDome provides alerting, monitoring, and predictive analytics for real-time decisions.

SkyDome uses TrueView’s AI-enabled detection and classification solution to provide a complete view of local airspace. When an airspace intruder is detected, SkyDome’s Command Center can provision appropriate response options depending on threat level.

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