Airport & Runway Security

Airspace Complexity

While drones present myriad opportunities for enhancing our lives, securing restricted airspace and airports has become increasingly complex. Despite laws that prohibit drones from being operated in no-fly zones, the FAA reports that drone sightings near airports are increasing.

Recent drone sightings near international airports have caused massive disruption, grounding hundreds of thousands of passengers. These disruptions not only inconvenience travelers, they cost airlines and airports millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

Modern Solutions

New radar technology combined with multi-layered defense software and artificial intelligence can detect drones and other small objects that traditional systems miss. 

Fortem has developed new technologies to detect these threats and give early warning alerts to security personnel of any imposing threats from all airspace activity, including drones.

 Fortem TrueViewTM radar combined with the Fortem SkyDomeTM software platform can detect all careless or criminal drone activity in airport restricted airspace, providing intelligent awareness (alerting, monitoring and predictive analytics) for real-time decisions. Once an aerial threat has been identified, Fortem DroneHunterTM can be deployed for rapid and complete remediation without causing collateral damage.


Radar Image

TrueView Radar

Compact radar detects and classifies all activity. For manned aerial vehicles, drones, and ground-to-air applications.

DroneHunter Product Image


Autonomously launch, pursue and capture intruder drones within your protected airspace



Your built to scale platform for airspace awareness and security. Real-time airspace data management.

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