Airport & Runway Security

Securing airports and restricted airspace will become increasingly complex because unfortunately, not all drone operators obey no-fly zone and restricted airspace laws and according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), drone sightings near and around airports are increasing.

Drones flying in restricted airspace can cause major disruption to flight operations and cost airlines, airports, and passengers millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

Radar technology has been used by airports, and military for more than 50-years and provides superior capabilities compared to other technologies. However,  traditional airport radar and surveillance systems cannot detect small and low-flying drones and UAS.

Fortem technologies has been backed by Boeing HorizonX to develop new technologies to detect, alert, and provide security personnel early warning notification of imposing threats from all airspace activity, including drones.

 Fortem TrueViewTM radar combined with the Fortem SkyDomeTM software platform can detect all careless or criminal drone activity in airport restricted airspace, providing intelligent awareness (alerting, monitoring and predictive analytics) for real-time decisions.

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