Counter UAS for Oil & Gas

UAS with specifications such as high definition cameras, “auto pilot” Global Positioning System navigation, and the ability to carry and remotely release payloads are available on the commercial market and are relatively affordable. The increasing availability and improved capabilities of small UAS enhances the potential for use in illicit operations, including surveillance, disruption, and weaponization.

— US Department of Energy

Oil and gas facilities require state of the art perimeter safety and airspace defense against careless, clueless and criminal drone threats.

Terrorists and other opportunists pose a significant threat to refinery infrastructure. Refineries are considered high-value terrorist targets because they are vital to the economy. Disruption of service to any of these facilities could have a catastrophic national impact.

Criminal Drone Use Image

Advanced security threat and intrusion detection systems are standard components for ground protection and safety, but airspace intrusion detection and alerting against drones is an unprotected vulnerability for refineries.


Comprehensive airspace security solutions for refineries require various components, including detection, monitoring, classification, and tracking. Security systems also need the capability of detecting the smallest of drones well before a perimeter breach.

Usually built on flat terrain with open space surrounding the perimeter, refineries need to protect upstream components, process units, downstream components, and product storage.

Fortem TrueViewTM radar lets you detect all activity within the protected airspace to provide early warning to refinery security personnel of intrusive air traffic.

TrueView radar R30 R20 lockup image
Refinery with SkyDome over it Image

Fortem SkyDomeTM is an airspace intrusion detection security as a service (SaaS), providing refineries intelligent airspace awareness.

Fortem’s SkyDome software platform provides real-time alerting, monitoring, and predictive analytics for data-driven decisions. It includes a rules-based reporting engine with sensor fusion for data aggregation.

SkyDome uses TrueView’s AI-enabled detection and classification solution to provide a complete view of local airspace. When an airspace intruder is detected, SkyDome’s command center can provision appropriate response options depending on threat level.

Once an aerial threat has been identified, Fortem DroneHunterTMcan be deployed for rapid and complete remediation without causing collateral damage.

DroneHunter X3 Image

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