Counter UAS for Data Centers

Data centers and large corporate campuses across the globe are targets of various forms of espionage including the increasing threat of confidential information being copied, photographed, or stolen via drones and other unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Drones can also be used for surveillance and espionage, infiltrating corporate servers or posing as hotspots.

Drones and UAS threaten the perimeter and physical security of data centers by carrying explosives payloads or causing significant damage to buildings by directly attacking heating and cooling systems. 

Fortem SkyDome™ is an airspace awareness, safety and security platform, providing data center security personnel intelligent situational awareness. It provides autonomous monitoring and alerts,  arming personnel with threat analysis for real-time decisions.

SkyDome uses Fortem TrueView™, an AI-enabled detection and classification solution to provide a complete digitized view of local airspace.

When an airspace intruder is detected, SkyDome can provision appropriate response options depending on threat level, including deploying Fortem DroneHunter™ for swift and autonomous physical remediation.

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