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The Anatomy of the New Threat

Drones with high-definition cameras can be purchased by any consumer for as little as $200, with more impressive functionality for a few thousand dollars. This makes them perfect tools for espionage and invading privacy. As alarming as this might be, criminals and terrorists are using consumer drones as platforms to do much worse. Drones can be weaponized with explosive devices or other ordinances which can cause injury, harm and physical damage to infrastructure. Drones and UAS operators can also cause significant damage to infrastructure, whether accidental or intentional, by simply flying a drone or UAS into a building fan or HVAC system.

A new layer of airspace security is required for vulnerable, private, commercial and military locations to protect and safeguard against these threats.

SkyDome® is the adaptable AI system that distributes and networks TrueView® SWAP-C radar in varying terrains, population centers and in challenging topography where existing larger radar and RF-based systems fail. This distributed network of TrueView radar digitizes these vulnerable gaps so that every object from the ground up can be detected, tracked, classified and assigned a threat level, creating either an independent end-to-end or integrated situational awareness solution.

Are you looking for a solution to elevate your security above and beyond the fence line? 

Fortem Technologies has the industry-leading, deeply-integrated C-UAS solution, which is deployed at world class venues, military bases, airports and infrastructures around the world.


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