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Securing & Defending Your Airspace

Size, Weight, Power and Cost—Reinvented

TrueView is a family of cost-effective and efficient (compact) military-tested radar, optimized for both air-to-air manned and unmanned aerial vehicles and for ground-to-air applications.

Small and Accurate

TrueView radar are small, compact, and powerful, and include AI-enabled detection and classification to provide a complete view of local airspace, detecting all drone activity.

Safe DAA and BVLOS

Trueview provides early warning of intrusive or non-cooperative drones, enabling safe beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operation.

100% Awareness

Real-time intelligence for both aircraft operators (pilots) and ground-to-air detection and monitoring.

Why Radar?

As prioritized by the FAA and NASA, radar technology is the foundational sensor for UAS airspace management strategies.

Our radar detection system providing tracking capabilities that monitor a marked or defined airspace, and reports all activity within that space, day or night and in all weather conditions.





BVLOS drone package delivery


Fortem TrueView radar's compact size and light weight allows it to be fix mounted on drones and other Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to provide Detect And Avoid (DAA) capabilities for Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) operations.



TrueView's detection range and Field Of View (FOV), provides best-fit radar technology for drone intrusion detection and monitoring, providing complete local airspace awareness.

Our Models

The Fortem TrueView radar comes in three models: R20, R30 and  R20 DAN-C. The Fortem DAN-C (Detect Assistance Non-Cooperative) is adapted to work in manned aircraft as part of an overall avionics solution integrated with technologies such as ADS-B, while the other models are targeted for unmanned BVLOS and ground-based radar solutions.



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