Fortem SkyDome™

Airspace Awareness  

Safety & Security Platform

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Your built to scale platform for airspace awareness and security

Comprehensive coverage

Detect all airborne objects day and night within your protected airspace, and discern between threats and non-threats.

Powerful, easy management

Recover quickly from incidents with a simple user interface for configuration and real-time mobile alerts, accessing complete airspace history.

Safe mitigation options

Integrated response to airspace breaches or potential threats with various levels of severity.

Only Fortem controls the technology from the ground up in all of these three areas to provide a robust and scalable end-to-end solution.

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Fly Zones & Corridors

Fortem SkyDome, enabled by Fortem TrueView™ radar, makes it possible to collect real-time data on local skyways, protecting no-fly zones and monitoring air traffic corridors.

A Process that works





Integrated Response & Recovery




SkyDome provides a 360-degree true view of your airspace, with the ability to automatically detect, classify and measure threat level, and deploy our autonomous Fortem DroneHunterTM to remediate threats.

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