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Security and Defense Above the Fence Line

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Defending the World’s Airspace

Ultimate C-UAS Interceptor

Custom built for speed and agility, Fortem DroneHunter is the ultimate drone interceptor technology, with over 3500 real-world kills and effective day or night.

Only DroneHunter’s deep integration with onboard TrueView™ radar makes autonomous detect, pursuit, and NetGun capture of fixed-wing and vertical drones a reality. Built with safety at its core, DroneHunter captures and tows away dangerous or malicious drones for forensic analysis.

DroneHunter is capable of pursuing and capturing rogue drones that fly too high or too fast for helicopters or other ground-based deterrents. The leading C-UAS interceptor in the world, DroneHunter stops dangerous and malicious drones at a safe distance before they enter a secure area where they could harm people or cause damage to property. DroneHunter is a safe solution that can be flown over people when authorized to do so.

The DroneHunter detect, pursuit and capture system can be applied to any qualified drone platform. It has a customizable undercarriage that can be adapted to different payloads and affectors. Fortem supports multiple DroneHunter platforms with various flight durations, speeds, athleticism, and price points.

Custom Built in the USA

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