Leading the way with Counter-UAS
(C-UAS) Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Fortem's DroneHunter™ is a fully autonomous UAS Airspace Defense Solution (ADS). Equipped with
TrueView Radar, DroneHunter includes an inertial guidance system, and an open command platform to detect, monitor and autonomously defend against hostile drones. DroneHunter detects, classifies, and captures intruder drones at a safe distance from a designated geo-fenced area. DroneHunter supports multiple drone platforms based on use-case requirements.

lock-on range




tow capacity


Security Measures You Can Rely On.

Once a rogue drone is detected and the threat level analyzed (classified), DroneHunter safely remediates the threat, day or night, at a safe standoff distance, with no collateral damage. DroneHunter succeeds when other technologies like radio jamming and RF systems fail. The DroneHunter protects against real threats from sophisticated UAS that are not susceptible to other countermeasures (SLAM, INS, Dead Reckoning, Camera Based Navigation).

Airspace Defense

Once the rogue drone is identified and threat level is classified, DroneHunter will safely remediate the air-threat. This is done day and night, at a safe stand–off distance, and with no collateral damage.

Engage Autonomously

When an intruder is detected, DroneHunter can engage autonomously via AI-directed guidance and tracking methods.

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