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Refinery Security Against UAS Threats

Oil refinery security requires state of the art perimeter safety and airspace defense against hostile or rogue drone threats. Terrorists and other opportunists pose a significant threat to refinery infrastructure. Key points include petrochemical plants, oil and gas refineries, power stations, government facilities, data centers, and the like. Disruption of service to any of these facilities could have a catastrophic national impact.

Advanced security threat and intrusion detection systems are standard components for ground protection and safety, however, airspace intrusion detection and alerting against drones is an unprotected vulnerability for refineries. Comprehensive airspace security solutions for refineries require various components, including air-surveillance, detection, monitoring, classification, and tracking. Security systems also need the capability of detecting the smallest of drones well before a perimeter breach.

Refineries are considered high-value terrorist targets, they are vital to the economy, usually built on flat terrain with open space surrounding the perimeter. Refineries need to protect upstream components, process units, downstream components, and product storage.

Fortem's SkyDome solution, is an airspace intrusion detection security as a service (SaaS), providing refineries and critical infrastructure, intelligent awareness. Fortem’s SkyDome software platform provides real-time alerting, monitoring, and predictive analytics for data-driven decisions. It includes a rules-based reporting engine with sensor fusion for data aggregation.

SkyDome uses TrueView’s AI-enabled detection and classification solution to provide a complete view of local airspace. When an airspace intruder is detected, SkyDome’s Command Center can provision appropriate response options depending on threat level.

Fortem’s TrueView radar can alert refinery security personnel of an approaching UAV up to 1,000 meters away, allowing them to take appropriate mitigation or remediation action as needed.

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TrueView - The Most Compact, Long Range, Detect-and-Avoid Solution for Safe Drone Operations

Using AI-enabled algorithms, TrueView provides accurate real-time situational intelligence and awareness for safe autonomous unmanned aircraft operations. Fortem TrueView R20 weighs 1.5 lbs. and is a breakthrough technology, due to its small form factor, weight, power requirements and low cost.

Fortem’s Radar technology has been hardened over the past six years through rigorous testing with the US Department of Defense. TrueView extends this technology to detect potential air to air collisions and enables unmanned aircraft to safely navigate beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) day or night and in clouds, fog, smog and in other challenging weather conditions.

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DroneHunter - Safe Mitigation in All Environments

DroneHunter™ is the world’s first UAS perimeter intrusion detection and protection solution. DroneHunter uses AI-enabled algorithms and software to provide detection, monitoring and autonomous capture of rogue drones and UAS. Once captured, DroneHunter can be instructed to tether and return or to safely discard the captured drone at a safe zone or bomb-disposal container.

DroneHunter™ notifies all authorized personnel of potential aerial threats in real-time. The command ground station provides monitoring and manual intervention override options as needed to meet situational requirements.


SkyDome - Real-time UAS Intrusion Detection Solutions

SkyDome utilizes TrueView’s AI-enabled detection and classification technology to provide a complete view of local airspace.

Fortem’s SkyDome platform of AI-enabled airspace surveillance services offers an intrusion detection solution that can detect, classify, monitor and if necessary, provide physical remediation of malicious or uncooperative drones. SkyDome is a military proven solution, able to monitor and secure day or night, and in all weather conditions.

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