About Fortem Technologies

The Leader in Airspace Security and Defense

Through an advanced ecosystem of distributed radar, AI at the Edge, deep sensor integration, and autonomous drone capture, Fortem monitors, protects and defends the world’s corridors, venues, infrastructures, borders and regions from dangerous or malicious drone threats. The same ecosystem is accelerating the safety of the world’s airspace for urban air mobility.

Fortem products have been developed and tested over several years through US Department of Defense (DoD) applications and are now available for commercial use.

Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the company is privately held and backed by Boeing, Signia Venture Partners, DCVC, Mubadala Investment Company and more.


Fortem Technologies digitizes, secures, defends and safeguards the world’s airspace


A future where the world’s airspace is secure, and safe urban air mobility is a reality


Our diverse team of engineers, PhDs and service and support professionals bring decades of experience in the security and defense sector. Innovating around tomorrow’s challenges, we provide relevant and timely solutions to our partners and customers. We believe in:

1. Customer Satisfaction

Customers always come first. We listen. Their problems are our problems. We exceed expectations with responsive, polite and professional service. We delight with high quality products.

2. Teamwork

We win together. We raise our hand when in trouble. Others help.

3. Flexibility

We are all stick-to-itive business owners; we welcome balance, change and variety; we do virtually any required task to bring success.

5. Integrity

We strive to provide opportunity and growth to others.

4. Giving Back

We are honest. We do the right thing even when others aren’t watching. We do what we say; say what we do. Be good and do good, always.