Top 10 Unmanned Security Solution - 2019

Over the last decade, security technology has undoubtedly come a long way. Even though humans are still competent enough to provide security to anything from a person to an organization, they still lack in many ways. Biased judgments, negligence, tiredness, need for sleep, and wage disputes lead human security capabilities flawed. These security vulnerabilities are now mitigated by the advent of unmanned security measures and devices like automated doors, robots, and drones.


About Fortem Technologies

Fortem Technologies is the leader in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones. Through an advanced ecosystem of distributed radar, AI at-the-edge, deep sensor integration and autonomous drone capture, Fortem monitors, protects and defends the world’s cities, venues, infrastructures, military bases, and regions from dangerous or malicious drone threats. The same ecosystem is accelerating the safety of the world’s airspace for urban air mobility. Based in Pleasant Grove, Utah, the company is privately held and backed by Boeing, DCVC, Mubadala Investment Company, Signia Venture Partners, and others.

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Jen Colton
VP of Marketing and Communications