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Much of the airspace above outdoor venues and campuses is virtually unprotected from unauthorized drones. A counter-drone security platform will be equipped with high-resolution camera systems with in-built video analytics, in order to improve security.

Fortem will fuse their current SkyDome air-to-air video platform with Bosch’s ground-to-air video cameras. The partnership is expected to bring high-performance imaging to the counter-drone security platform. The move will provide users with improved situational awareness when drones are present in the area being monitored.

The result is the DeepIntegration system, that makes it possible for SkyDome to cue the Bosch MIC IP starlight 7000i and MIC IP fusion 9000i cameras multiple times per second so they pan, tilt and zoom with precision on multiple objects at once, within its digitized airspace.

This integration adds an additional layer of visibility and analytics to the counter-drone platform.

SkyDome is an adaptable AI platform that fuses TrueView radar and other sensor inputs to autonomously monitor any environment in 3D. By detecting and assessing airborne threats, SkyDome anticipates vulnerabilities and can alert personnel or launch DroneHunter to neutralize dangerous or malicious drones, according to

Fortem has already deployed several of the Bosch enabled SkyDome systems to sports and events arenas to prevent misuse of drones, according to

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