Fortem TrueView Radar Model DAA-R20

The Fortem TrueView Radar model DAA-R20 is the next generation of its proven, safe, complete and small SWaP-C radar solutions designed for high volume, high reliability, and mission-critical detect and avoid operations. The Fortem TrueView Radar is derived from a hardened radar technology used in the US Department of Defense drone program the last 6 years and adapted for safe commercial drone applications. The Fortem TrueView Radar provides the aircraft integrator the capability to quickly and easily detect objects from the air at long range to avoid manned aircraft or other non-cooperative objects such as birds, wires or other drones. Optional modules allow for complete end-to-end integration for tracking, classification, command and control and pre-integrated autopilots.

Dozens of software-defined parameters are available through an easy-to-use GUI to optimize the unit for your application. The design conforms to FCC, FAA and industry design and safety standards while including tracking, classification, and command and control integrations with leading autopilots.

Simplicity of integration is a serial connection with 18-36V input voltage, Gigabit Ethernet, and a simple API for easy integration by Fortem or the aircraft manufacturer. Mounting points allow flexibility to meet the needs of specific aircraft integrations. The DAA-R20 consists of a fully functional, bits-in and bits-out radar unit, Quick Start Guide, and Interface Control Document (ICD).

The Fortem TrueView Radar is the ideal solution to the ‘see and avoid’ problem. It can detect obstacles in the air with sufficient time to determine the potential for a collision or near miss, and stay well clear of the potential collision by maneuvering to a safe place. The ideal detection capability is Fortem TrueView Radar because it satisfies the following key attributes:

•  Timely. Fortem TrueView gives the high speed aircraft sufficient time to make a decision and maneuver
•  Complete. Fortem TrueView does not miss potential threats day or night, in fog, smog or at high altitudes in the clouds
•  Accurate. Fortem TrueView provides high quality data at range
•  Clean. Fortem TrueView does not falsely indicate a threat

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Fortem TrueView Radar Model DAN-C

Model DAN-C (Detect Assistance Non-Cooperative) is a Fortem TrueView Radar that is sold as a standalone radar product to provide highly accurate detection capability. The Fortem TrueView Radar model DAN-C capability has highly accurate detection capabilities at range to warn of any non-cooperative traffic such as birds, wires, and small drones.


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Fortem Technologies is a venture funded, privately held company that delivers products to enable safe autonomous airborne operations. Fortem's proven solutions allow organizations to transition their unmanned aircraft operations beyond human line of sight and protect their most precious resources from threats in the air. Fortem’s most recent product is DroneHunter™, a counter UAS system. Some of the technology was developed and hardened over several years on US Department of Defense applications and is now available for commercial use. The Fortem TrueView radar at the core of the guidance system is used by many UAV manufacturers to enable safe and secure beyond line of sight (BLOS) services day and night, in clouds, or inclement weather.